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Indie EdTech and The Personal API

Where I started working on the material for this workshop I wanted to pull together a toolbox that I could use across all of the conversations that I would be having at Davidson College this week, provide some tooling that could be used in the workshop, wrapped in rich content that could we be read during, and after the event.

I'm not sure I achieved 100% of what I wanted. The material is here, but it is still pretty busy, verbose, and less hands on than I originally envisioned. Regardless I've tried to break things down and make them scannable, as well as being full of rabbit holes of API concepts that keep you busy for a long time.

Here is the general outline of this workshop materials:

This workshop runs as a simple HTML, CSS, JavaScript website, operating as a Github repository, using Jekyll and Github Pages. You can fork the project, and play with any of the examples here on this project, or your own version running in your Github account.

This project is created by the API Evangelist, Kin Lane. If you have any questions, you can tweet at me via @kinlane or @apievangelist, or use the Github Issues for this project.