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CSV Converter

I wanted to make a stand-alone CSV conversion tool that would run exclusively on Github, allowing anyone in government to fork, upload and manage their open data.

I wanted this to start with Microsoft Excel, but exporting a spreadsheet as CSV is the basic entry fee for this piece of technology--you have to know how to do this to continue.

This project runs as a Github Page, building on a Github Repository and is built entirely in JavaScript, which means there is no server backend beyond Github. This allows you to fork and implement without launching your website or servers.

I found a really cool, open source CSV converter called Mr. Data Converter. I used this as the base and engineered it to run on Github Pages, then added the ability to login using Github oAuth and save CSV, JSON and XML files locally to the master Github repository behind CSV Converter.

Next I'm working on the ability to manage all the files uploaded, converted and provide more holistic open data management tools that run 100% on Githb.

This is a work in progress, and I wll add features to it when I have cycles available or can talk one of my partners into paying for work. Let me know if there are any features you'd like to see.

You can read a post on this when I first started working on it at: Excel and CSV Conversion to JSON and XML in JavaScript That Runs 100% on Github.